As the external environment changes, so must organizations and leaders in order to remain successful. Nicolai advises clients on what the future is bringing and helps them develop the right capabilities, ways of working and culture to innovate and thrive in today’s dynamic world. He brings a unique blend and understanding of future trends, innovation, corporate strategy, leadership development, and behavioral change at scale.

Nicolai focuses on the following areas of advisory:

1. Building a future-ready organization: Winning in the future is NOT about incremental improvement, but requires BOLD choices to create something new. Based on cutting edge research from his forthcoming book From Malthus to Mars, Nicolai helps organizations assess their current state across the Ten Organizational Shifts for the Future, pinpoint key priorities to focus on, and craft an organizational transformation plan to succeed.


2. Strategy and innovation for the future: As technologies and consumer preferences evolve, so do markets. Driven by mass digitalization, technological convergence, and changing consumer preferences, there are a number of significant shifts that all industries are going through, such as segment-of-one personalisation, on-tap supply, a focus on higher level consumer needs, and an open ratings ecosystem. Organizations must ensure that they have the right strategy and innovation process to get ahead of these trends


3. Leadership development at scale: Conventional approaches to leadership development often fall short, especially in today’s fast-paced business environment. Nicolai offers a groundbreaking new and data-driven approach, built on insights from over 375,000 data points and the experience from hundreds of leadership development programs. His programs focus on the dual objectives of developing world-class leaders who can inspire employees and help them reach their potential, while simultaneously improving business results and impact.


4. Building the right skillsets, mindsets and culture: An organization’s culture ways of working is one of the hardest things for competitors to copy, and a pivotal competitive advantage. Nicolai helps organizations define the key behaviors and mindsets they require to achieve their organizational objectives, and develop a transformation approach that will lead to sustained change and impact. Recent program focus areas have included skills such as problem solving, communicating with impact, empathy, customer centricity, design thinking, rapid prototyping, and results-orientation.