Nicolai blends cutting-edge insight, rich personal and client case examples and humour to deliver impactful keynotes to organizations and audiences globally.

  • A brief history of innovation
  • Introduction to exponential technology
  •  25 vectors for the future
  •  Implications for organizations today
  • Supertrends for the future and the challenges and opportunities they bring
  • 6 mindsets that will help you navigate the future nimbly 
  • How apply the insights in practice
  • Defining leadership 
  •  Understand the key behaviors that are needed in your leadership context 
  •  Enabling skills and mindsets
  • Your leadership journey
  • What’s changing? What’s staying the same?
  • The new leadership practices for a dynamic world
  • Leading from the inside-out
  • Making bold choices under uncertainty
  • What do we really mean when we say ambition?
  • Why it’s critical to focus on achievement, growth and wellbeing simultaneously
  • The 7 Frenemies of ambition
  • Defining your philosophy of ambition